Zombie Office

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Battle Zombies, save your co-workers and earn that dream promotion you’ve always wanted in this hilarious top-down 2D rpg from Gateside Games.

Zombie Office features:

  • Invent your own unique zombie-killing strategy using a vast array of in-game items
  • Beautiful retro pixel graphics
  • Catchy 8 bit soundtrack
  • Epic storyline with entertaining quests and hilarious dialogue

Zombie Office is an old-school top down 2D adventure RPG set in an office where the staff are mysteriously being turned into zombies.

Your epic journey will take you through many different departments; Accounts, Marketing, the Canteen on a quest to halt the zombie infection.

You’re not alone in this quest as you’ll have the help of your faithful project manager who’ll be there to get you out of a tight spot and to keep asking you how long things will take.

There are many pickups including: coffee - if the player drinks coffee they get a burst of speed 30 seconds or a minute (until the caffeine wears off). Herbal tea increases the players composure for a time - reducing the amount of stress they receive from zombie attacks. There’s no health stat in this game - just stress - if the stress becomes too much it’s game over.

Weapons in the game are items found in the office that the player can throw at zombies: paper balls, dvds, paper clips, stress balls etc. There are also explosive mines, repellent mines, decoys and spike traps.

There's also a shop system using office vending machines where you can buy and sell equipment, ammo and consumable items and a crafting system using recycling machines where you can recycle your unwanted items into cool and probably more useful items.